Tips On How to Grow Your Mental Health Practice

While most mental health professionals have received great clinical training very few were offered courses in the “Business of your Business”. Yes, managing a successful practice does require the use and knowledge of fundamental business skills in order for it to be financially successful.
Mental Health professionals seeking to grow their practices can utilize the following suggestions where applicable:
*Define an ideal client. You can create a niche clientele while still offering therapy for a broad range of mental health issues.
*Create a website. This can be done inexpensively utilizing one of a multitude of website builder platforms. You need not be a technical wiz. But, take the time to research the messaging and keywords that would serve you best. Speak to your peers about how they created their website. A good way to drive traffic to your website is to become interactive on local social media platforms.
*Networking. Become a member of your state’s professional mental health provider organizations and create online directory profiles.
*Create Workshops that specifically focus on well- defined issues. Potential patients sometimes feel less stigmatized by attending a group session with their peers facing similar circumstances. Advertise and market these workshops. Patients will benefit and the workshops will positively influence your annual revenue.
*Cultivate Community Connections. Meeting with local clergy and educating them about your services can lead to new patient appointments and many referrals.
*Create your own JD Power patient satisfaction survey. Intermittently use the phrase former NYC Mayor Ed Koch used effectively. “How my doing?”

Source: Gary R’nel
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