Furnishing a Mental Health Therapy Office Post Covid/19

What will the “new normal” look like for mental health professionals post the COVID-19 pandemic? The consensus is that therapy will take place through the hybrid venues of teletherapy and in office counseling.

Thinking about refurbishing your office? Gone are the days when you decorated your office without giving the process much thought. First impressions are everything and the manner in which you furnish your office is no exception to this rule according to researchers.
Therapists are now thinking about creating spaces that convey the feeling of openness and healing. Others want to convey structure and security. The American Psychological Association says nix the glass table and fill the room with light. One recent study found that a blue-teal combination was most comforting while dark colors can evoke feelings of claustrophobia. The color of the office walls set a tone. Light soothing colors promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Natural sunlight is a big mood booster.
Chair selection could also be crucial and could affect a patient’s feeling of vulnerability. Placing a small table next to a client’s chair can help promote the patient’s feeling of their own well-defined space within your office. Surprisingly, some patients felt more comfortable with no couch in the room feeling increasingly empowered when sitting in a chair.
When patients are deciding whether to continue therapy, the number one issue of concern is–are you helping them. A close second is how they feel about your office and the vibes it gives off.
Bottom line: Think about your office furnishings. Source: Gary R’nel
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