Achieving Your Mental Health Practice Goals

There are many actions to consider when attempting to streamline your practice and maintain its operating level at peak performance. The following are suggestions that may not be applicable to every office:

*Give patients the opportunity to schedule therapy sessions online. This could serve as a stimulus to those patients who may not be sufficiently motivated to call your office and schedule a therapy session. In addition, you could possibly reduce forgotten appointments by sending a text reminder about an upcoming session.

*Utilize secure and HIPAA compliant email messaging. This will eliminate some of the phone traffic and allow you to respond immediately to patient inquiries. (Hushmail is a great example).

*Elevating Client Experience. This truly is simple and important. Conduct your own JD Power informal survey of patient satisfaction. This is a most effective tool in supporting client retention.
*Stay abreast of branding and marketing opportunities in your local market. Let’s explore this a bit further. There is a website called in many neighborhoods. It has effectively taken the place of the local tabloids that previously were delivered to your doorstep weekly. This is a free to low-cost opportunity to digitally advertise in a very personal way and to familiarize the surrounding communities with your niche, as well as broad based services. Check it out.

*The following suggestion will only apply to your practice if you feel comfortable partaking in this activity. Some of our therapists follow-up with a text or email to patients who have left their practice within the past six to nine months. They simply ask if there is any further assistance they can provide while communicating the message that they hope they are doing well. It can be received by the patient as an expression of good will.

Source: Gary R’nel
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