Your Mental Health Practice is Your Business

Individuals seeking mental health therapy are much like consumers of tangible products. When a prospective client calls, think about the questions they ask. How much do you charge for therapy, what is your availability, do you accept my insurance and what are your specialties? Therapists may not think of themselves as a competitive commodity but many prospective patients view their services as a product. In previous Associated Billing Center Newsletters, we have emphasized the importance of thinking about your practice’s reputation in terms of a JD Power survey. Asking your patients intermittently about the degree of therapy satisfaction could prevent you from losing a client, solidify your relationship with that person, and/or provide you with focus group feedback after aggregating their responses.
Creating a Digital Presence
Creating a simple website describing your services and specialty areas may not be as difficult as you think. Many website builder platforms (GoDaddy, WordPress, WIX, Weebly, Site123) offer templates. Want instant credibility in the marketplace? Create a website or decide on a budget and have one built for you. The investment need not be huge here.

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