Associated Billing Center provides your practice with Complete Support and the Essentials to maintain a profitable practice

Our Services Include:

Individual & Group Practices, Par & Non Par providers, EAP, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp and more.

  • Insurance payments remitted directly to your practice.
  • Our Comprehensive Benefit Information Profile Page obtained by calling insurance.
  • Network Status Verification.
  • All DOS submitted to primary and secondary insurance.
  • Claims submission regardless of network status.
  • Timely, aggressive follow-up on incorrectly processed claims. Appeals filed when necessary.
  • Balance billing to patients for Co-pays, Deductibles, Self pay, and Balances due.
  • Monthly report displaying all insurance reimbursements and activity.
  • Tracking session authorizations when applicable.
  • Your patients can contact our office with billing questions.
  • Credentialing assistance.
  • Practice Consultation.
  • Our fees are the most competitive in the mental health billing service industry without sacrificing quality.

4 Reasons Why Mental Health Practices Lose Money:

  • In-house staff does not exercise due diligence in collecting co-pays and balance billing patients.
  • Unclean claims submissions and delay or no follow-up on unpaid claims.
  • When staff takes a vacation or is absent because of illness-the loss of continuity in the billing process can be extremely disruptive and negatively affect revenue flow.
  • Your staff may not stay current on swiftly changing insurance requirements concerning mental health billing.

A well-qualified and responsive mental health billing service can realistically increase revenue by 23 to 34 percent and is many times more cost-effective than in-house billing.