Is your mental health practice being paid at a turtle’s pace?

Do you feel that, whenever you attempt to contact your billing service, it’s as though you’re calling insurance?  You get the typical recorded message, the offering of prompts and the hopeful callback. You found us for a reason. You’re frustrated. You want to work with a Mental Health billing service that follows through on its promises to its clients and actually answers the phone. We have been working with Mental Health providers exclusively for more than 20 years. Improve your cash flow, reduce your costs, and minimize your stress.

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Exclusively Serving Mental Health Professionals Since 2001

Individual & Group Practices • Par & Non Par Providers • Medicare • Medicaid • EAP • Workers Comp • and more

We Can Help! You are never alone.

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Our fees are the most competitive in the industry without sacrificing quality!

We promise once you try us, you will never want to leave!

We believe in developing a strong bond with our clients and in the art of effective communication.

We serve large group practices and individual providers with the same level of attention. That’s important.

Our reputation in the marketplace is extremely important to us. We strive to maintain it daily.

Our client retention rate is among the best in the industry. The reason? We actually follow through on our promises to you.

Building our reputation one practice at a time.

What we do

  • Mental Health Billing is our area of expertise. It’s our only business since 2001.
  • You are never alone. Your Account Manager and our support team is always here for you.
  • We position you for financial success by improving your monthly revenue cycle while minimizing back office expenses and concerns about staffing.
  • End-to-end claims tracking. More than 98.1% of our claims are paid on the first pass through. We scrub them prior to the initial submission for accuracy.
  • We are HIPAA compliant. Your data is encrypted and secured in accordance with the highest industry standards.

What we won’t do

  • We will not surprise you with hidden fees or additional costs.That is not the way we conduct business.
  • We will not require you to invest in software when utilizing our service.
  • We will not answer your calls with a recording. No navigating through a prompt menu. Ever!
  • We do not outsource your work. It is completed in our fully staffed and experienced United States office. That’s important.
  • We will never let unpaid claims languish. Our focus is the “business of your business” while your focus is your patients.


Speak with our clients about the ABC EXPERIENCE. A personal testimonial is in-valuable when evaluating a billing service’s credentials and its promise to clients.

What I discovered at Associated Billing Center was so much more than “assistance”. I discovered a mental health billing service that was ready, willing and able to support me in my endeavors to establish a private prac-tice after leaving a group setting. To say I could not have done it without them is an understatement! Thanks to Mona and her competent staff.Bethann A. LCSW

Mona G. Ruback (Associated Billing Center) has provided billing services for our practice for more than ten years. Her work is consistently accurate and she submits billing in a timely fashion. In addition, the company responds quickly to inquiries about various billing matters. Prior to hiring Mona’s company, I employed others to provide mental health billing services but was dissatisfied with their work. I recommend her to you without reservation. Melanie C. Ph.D.

You guys are great. I really mean it. I believe I am like most other group and individual practices in that dealing with insurance companies is the least favorite part of our job. Your company takes the burden off me and does it so well, invariably coming back with the problem resolved. In addition to this invaluable work that you do, every one of you is also pleasant to deal with and efficient with my billing. Finally, I appreciate how flexible you are. You were open to working with me to develop forms and procedures that suited my practice. Andy R. PhD.

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