NASW Supports Interstate Licensure Compact

The National Association of Social Workers recently reported on the U.S. Department of Defense, as part of an initiative to promote licensure portability for military spouses, has awarded a $500,000 grant for the development of an interstate licensure compact for social workers. Currently, licensed social workers must seek and receive licensure in each state in which they wish to practice. The compact legislation must then be enacted in each state that wishes to participate. NASW chapters will play a key role in advocacy efforts to enact compact legislation in the states. An interstate licensure compact would:
-Improve client access to therapy services.
-Increase opportunities to practice across state lines.
-Improve continuity of care.
-Preserve and strengthen the state licensure system.
We will follow licensure portability closely and keep our providers informed on legislative action.

Source: Gary R’nel
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