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Patient Benefits

Whether you confirm your patient’s mental health benefits on your own or utilize our Associated Billing Center Patient Information Profile Page, it is important that the data you obtain is accurate. Establishing your client’s financial responsibility to your practice as early as possible will improve the chances that those requirements will be satisfied. We never obtain patient benefits on line. They’re simply are too many variables in the mental health area. Also, we document each call notating the person to whom we spoke and the date and reference number for the call. Seeing patients without first obtaining accurate benefits can cause unnecessary financial stress on your practice.

HIPAA & the Mental Health Provider

Under HIPAA, therapists may share pertinent information with people involved in a person’s care if the person in treatment: has agreed, has been given the opportunity to object and has not done so, has agreed that they would agree to bring a partner to treatment or have a parent help in the scheduling of sessions, as well as agreeing to allow that parent to pick up any medications prescribed by a psychiatrist. The therapist can also share information if the patient is delirious, intoxicated, experiencing psychosis, unconscious or otherwise incapable of making decisions. In addition, therapists are allowed to share patient information with other members of their health care team. IMPORTANT: In the case of a minor or client who can’t make their own health care decisions, a therapist can share information directly related to care with the caregiver or representative, unless there is a reasonable concern that they are causing harm or acting against that person’s best interests.

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