A Message From: Mona Ruback CEO/Associated Billing Center, LLC-Your Mental Health Billing Specialist

I frequently have conversations with new clients about what I consider to be some of the key components in managing a successful mental health practice. In formulating my response, I reflect on my experience managing individual and group practices prior to creating Associated Billing Center, LLC. A couple of my personal observations:

› See clients you consider to be good matches. This will exponentially increase the opportunity for successful therapy and motivate your patient to recommend you to others.
› Become an in-network provider. This can lead to countless referrals and busier schedules. Important: Engaging with the right mental health billing service can ensure the success of this business model. Yes, choosing between private pay or accepting insurance is a personal decision.
› In network providers should ALWAYS charge insurance their full fee, not the contracted rate.
› Collect co-pays and balances in an expeditious manner.
› Your office space should reflect your personality and provide a comfort zone to your patients.
› Networking: Consider becoming a member of a statewide professional association.
› Build a brand. Yes, an individual can become a brand. This is how your clients perceive you and describe your practice to other potential clients.
› Create a website describing your practice and your specialties. 70% of websites lack a Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage. Your CTA is to motivate the user to schedule an appointment. Speak to your peers for information on great designers who will not bust the budget.


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