Mental Health Practice News & Notes

Practice Cancellation Policy

Mental health practices should have a cancellation policy that is part of your office’s intake packet and discussed at the first appointment. Studies have shown that practices without a clear policy suffer from increased cancellations and an adverse effect on Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Yes, there are circumstances that should be taken into consideration with every request.
A sound cancellation policy should include an allowable time frame for the cancellation to take place without any fees being charged. Also, you need to establish a policy on how the patient will communicate with your office if they need to cancel. What are the acceptable options-phone, text, email, etc. Your cancellation policy is a direct reflection on your practice and, if exercised properly with exceptions where necessary, can lead to solidifying client retention. Several of my clients send reminders to their patients via email or text to confirm an upcoming appointment.

Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

No, hosting a Podcast is not for everyone. It requires a comfort zone that some individuals may or may not possess. Podcasting can be a fantastic marketing tool. Your patients can feel connected to you more often and prospective clients can be convinced that you might be a “great match”. You need a microphone and a simple recording device (already on most laptops). You will need a host site which is relatively inexpensive and can be found by searching google. The technically challenged will find simple directions on uploading their podcast to a host site and tips on editing. The length of your podcast and topic selection are extremely important. Ideally, you do not want to exceed 25 minutes.
Also, while covering a range of topics is a terrific idea, it is extremely important to feature niche areas of your practice. Reminder: In addition to providing invaluable information, your Podcast is, in essence, a Call to Action. Frequently mention your practice contact information. Be consistent on posting days. Inform your patients that you host a podcast and ask them to tell others. You will find suggestions on marketing a Podcast on host sites. Remember: Hosting a Podcast is not for everyone and there is no immediate ROI (return on investment). But, Podcasting can an invaluable asset as an image enhancer in the marketplace.

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