Marketing Your Mental Health Practice

>Assess your marketing needs. Are you utilizing social media to its fullest extent? Are you appearing in your professional organization list servers? What about an independent website? This can be accomplished without making an enormous investment. There are many online website builders that offer complete templates that simply require you to provide content. Securing a domain name and hosting for your website is also relatively inexpensive. Many patients searching for a mental health provider can be motivated to contact you through your website. Keep it simple and write about your strengths and specialties. An effective website will help build credibility and offer you an extremely effective tool in “pitching” your practice. Reviews are a key component. Encourage your patients to write an online review. Positive reviews can “close the deal”.

>Offer to speak at local clubs & organizations about topics of interest within your purview. Marketing research indicates that making yourself a familiar commodity within your community is a tremendously effective tool in introducing your practice and services.

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