Mental Health Providers: Beware of the Impersonal Giant

The Mental Health billing sector has become extremely competitive since the onset of the pandemic. There are newly created impersonal corporate type organizations interested strictly in volume. Many of these “behemoths” are stripping away the ability to manage your own practice (solo or group) in what you perceive to be in your best interest.

I am proud that Associated Billing Center, LLC has served Mental Health practices nationwide for more than a decade and will never be labeled as one of these impersonal corporate entities. It’s not a business model we seek to emulate.

I have received phone calls from numerous providers over the past several months seeking my guidance on disengaging with these services because of difficulty communicating with them and not being on the receiving end of the level of service they promised. Also, be advised that these big corporations (many of them affiliated with insurance companies themselves) do not have your best interests written in their mission statements.

Associated Billing Center, LLC is recognized as a leader in Mental Health billing. For us it is personal: We strive to maintain a high level of communication with your practice to ensure we are meeting your expectations.

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