You’re Welcoming a New Patient to Your Practice

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Establishing clear rules and guidelines for new patients is important for maintaining a positive and productive therapeutic relationship. Here are some considerations when establishing rules for a new patient:

Clearly explain the limits and expectations regarding confidentiality. Assure the
patient that their personal information will be kept confidential within legal and
ethical boundaries.

Appointment Policies:
Outline your policies regarding scheduling, cancellations and no-shows. Specify
how much notice is required for cancellations and whether there are any fees
associated with missed appointments.

Payment and Billing:
Clearly communicate your fees, payment methods accepted and billing policies.
Inform your patients that any questions concerning billing can be made directly to
Associated Billing Center, LLC. We’re here to help! When your patient contacts our
office, we realize that we directly represent you and your practice. Patients are
treated with the utmost respect, dignity & confidentiality.

Clarify your preferred methods of communication, such as through phone calls,
emails or a secure online portal. Set expectations for response times.

Cancellation Policy:
While flexibility and adaptability should be considered concerning individual
patients, it is of paramount importance to establish guidelines concerning missed
appointments. These parameters will help to maintain financial practice integrity.
How important is a sound cancellation policy? Let’s review this example: You’re
charging $150 per session and, on average, you receive one last-minute cancellation per week. At years end, your revenue will be reduced by about $7,800 (contracted insurance rates will affect these numbers).

Clearly outline your cancellation policy in writing. Specify the timeframe within which clients must cancel or reschedule appointments without incurring a fee. Include the amount of the cancellation fee, if applicable.

Monitor and Evaluate: Mental Health practice consultants suggest regularly monitoring the effectiveness of the cancellation policy. Assess whether it achieves its intended purpose without negatively impacting the therapeutic relationship. Be open to making adjustments if necessary.

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