Mental Health Telehealth Trends

Mental Health Telehealth Trends

Source: Associated Billing Center Newsletter, October, 2021

When Covid-19 became interwoven into the fabric of our everyday existence, it was accompanied by the exponential growth of Mental Telehealth. Today, research indicates that Mental Telehealth is more than a fad or a trend. A recent national Press Ganey Survey reports that 89 percent of patients would recommend the modality of Telehealth to others.

While Telehealth will not comprise the majority of therapy sessions going forward, it could represent a sizable portion of your mental health practice. A recent report by McKinsey and Company suggests that telehealth’s share of commercial claims jumped from .17% to 7.5% in the first year of the pandemic. The recent Telehealth surge was fueled by payment equity requirements implemented shortly after emergency declarations. Will payment equity become a permanent part of the Mental Telehealth landscape? This will be determined through payer policies, contract negotiations and lobbying efforts.

If your business plan includes growing your practice, the expanded use of Telehealth is at your disposal. And while we consistently report on patient convenience, providers can enjoy many perks including working from home and increased flexibility in scheduling. In addition, if you do not lease office space monthly, some operating expenses might be reduced.

The popularity of Mental Telehealth is not in doubt and neither is its durability. Evidence indicates a majority of patients derive expected benefits and find therapeutic efficacy equal to office visits (certainly not true for all patients).

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