In Office Mental Health Therapy During Covid-19

The National Association of Social Workers–NJ offers the following suggestions if you are seeing patients in your office.

1. Have a dialogue with your clients about not coming to an in-person session if they are feeling unwell or if they have a known exposure to someone who is sick. This also applies to staff.

2. Whenever possible, use larger treatment rooms/spaces that allow for social distancing.

3. Require clients and staff to wear masks whenever in the building.

4. Increase ventilation by opening windows during in-person sessions, if possible.

5. In between sessions, spray the air with an aerosol disinfectant that kills the COVID virus (such as Lysol). Frequently disinfect high touch surfaces like computers, phones, and doorknobs and wash hands regularly.

6. Whenever possible, alternate in-person and telehealth appointments to decrease possible prolonged in-person exposure to the disease.

7. Limit the number of people in the building/office by allowing only clients and staff in the building. Parents, significant others and other guests should be asked to wait in their vehicles. Also, ask clients to wait in their cars prior to appointments instead of in the waiting room, when possible.


Wash Hands • Use Soap • Avoid Crowds • Wear Mask • Avoid Handshake • Disinfection

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