Suggested Strategies for Practices Wishing to Grow

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Suggested Strategies for Practices Wishing to Grow

Assess your marketing needs. Yes, risking redundancy we will state it again: Your Practice is Your Business. Advertising your services is not immoral or unethical. Case in point. The Psychology Today therapist listing service. Yes, this, in essence, is a form of advertising. You can creatively write a short description of your counseling philosophy and list your specialties.

Elsewhere, while most print community newspapers have been permanently relegated to the trash heap, many are still publishing online editions with loyal readership. Research indicates that these publications are an extremely cost-efficient venue to introduce prospective patients to your practice.

In addition, you might consider maintaining a website. It does not have to be complex nor expensive but professional in appearance and presenting your identity, philosophy and niche specialties. Use keywords effectively, encourage people to leave reviews and consider adding a blog page. Encourage a consultation call. Your site should also be optimized for mobile.

Personalize your marketing to reflect the advantages of utilizing your practice for therapy. Remember that people looking for mental health counseling will start in the same place most of us do: the internet. Also, creating a network of referral sources (PCP’s, etc.) could assist in growth.

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