Stay in the Know: Your Mental Health Practice

Mona Ruback/CSS
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Did you ever think about producing your own Newsletter? It can be quarterly or bimonthly and provides your practice with yet another venue for connecting with your patients and the surrounding marketplace. In addition, distribution can reach beyond your patients. For instance, you can send the Newsletter to select primary care physician offices to nurture a relationship with the physician who can then refer patients to you in need of therapy.

Suggested Content: You can write about the latest research concerning therapy technique and how it applies to your practice and will benefit your patients. Write about your specific approach to therapy and the statistical efficacy as it relates to treatment outcomes in your practice. Offer to speak before civic groups. If your Newsletter sounds like a marketing tool for your practice, well, it is. Remember, your ‘business’ is assisting people to improve upon the quality of their lives.

Getting Started: Keep it brief. A one-or two-page Newsletter is fine and less time consuming. You can find templates online. You have the option of utilizing an Autoresponder service such as or Also, you can send Newsletters digitally to your patients and to self-help and support groups.

There are websites offering stock photos to insert in your Newsletter royalty free ( and In addition, there are services that will produce your Newsletter relatively inexpensively should you choose to proceed in that direction.

Remember, Your Practice is Your Business.

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