Mental Health Practice Updates


CPT Code 90785 is utilized to describe interactive complexity during therapy sessions with patients. This code is used to indicate a patient’s condition requires additional time and expertise from the mental health professional providing treatment. This additional time might be necessary to address communication difficulties, complex behavioral or emotional issues, or other challenges that make treatment more complicated.

Associated Billing Center is staying abreast of any impending changes concerning the future of Mental Telehealth as it relates to commercial insurers, Medicare & Medicaid. The observed rapid growth in telehealth services for Mental Health grew exponentially from 39.4% in 2019, to 88.1% in 2022. Mental Telehealth has proven to be a significant and lasting advancement in the healthcare industry. Reminder: The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 extended most, but not all, of the telehealth waivers until December 31, 2024. The increasing popularity of Mental Telehealth has enabled many practices to grow their year over year revenue when implementing scheduling flexibility to meet increased demand. Expert analysis also indicates that appointment cancellations are reduced when practices incorporate telehealth into their service options.

Mental Health Providers may no longer store electronic health records offshore or rely on third party vendors who operate offshore and have access to patient data maintained in the United States. Also, several lawmakers are reviewing and advocating for legislation that would prevent billing companies from exporting patient data offshore for billing purposes without expressly disclosing the activity to their clients. Exercise Caution: Many mental health billing companies operate offshore without disclosing this to potential clients.

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