Mental Health Billing Q & A

Q. If a patient cancels an appointment outside of the permissible window can I bill insurance for the missed session?

A. No. While payers will not reimburse for no-shows, the provider can charge either a negotiated amount (in network) and up to the offices full fee (out of network). Providers should ensure that their no-show policy is explained in the office policy.

Q. Can I balance bill my patients after insurance reimbursement?

A. In network providers must accept the contracted rate for DOS (Dates of Service). It is important that when you are applying for in network status that you negotiate the highest fee permissible in your geographic location. Out of Network providers may charge up to their full fee.

Q. What is the update on the timeline for insurance payments?

A. Typically, it can take 30 business days from the date of receipt of claim. It can be much quicker depending on the billing procedure and the insurance company itself. For instance, Blue Cross normally pays their claims in 2 weeks-Aetna normally takes three weeks.

Most states require insurers to pay claims within 30 to 45 days. If you engage with a reputable mental health billing service (Associated Billing Center, LLC) you should not see a disruption in your revenue cycle.

Source: Gary R’nel

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