Laugh a Little or Maybe A Lot: It’s Good Therapy


Patient to Therapist: I keep thinking I’m a bell.
Therapist to Patient: Well, just go home and if the feeling persists, give me a ring.

Patient to Therapist: No one believes a word I say.
Therapist to Patient: Tell me the truth now, what’s your real problem?

Patient to Therapist: I feel like a deck of cards.
Therapist to Patient: I’ll deal with you later.

Patient to Therapist: I can’t concentrate, one minute I’m ok, and the next minute, I’m blank!
Therapist to Patient: And how long have you had this complaint?
Patient to Therapist: What complaint.

Patient to Therapist: I feel like a small bucket.
Therapist to Patient: You do look a little pail.

Patient to Therapist: I think I’m a cat.
Therapist to Patient: How long has this been going on?
Patient to Therapist: Oh, since I was a kitten!


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