Addressing Mental Health Practice Revenue Leakage

Mona Ruback/CSS
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Revenue Leakage refers to the loss of revenue from your practice which can be corrected by detecting the source of the leak. There are four primary areas that will help you reduce Revenue Leak in your practice. 1. Confirming Patient Benefits-practices run the risk of providing services that are either not covered or failing to realize that there are copays and deductibles involved. Verifying patient benefits is especially important to avoid non-payment given the abundance of carve-outs in mental health. 2. Prior Authorizations-investigating whether certain testing or service codes need an auth on file. 3. Accounts Receivables-Engaging a reputable billing service (Associated Billing Center) to balance bill patients in a timely fashion is a prerequisite to a healthy bottom line. Make an earnest attempt to collect copays and deductibles at time of service. Allowing patients to leave with the expectation that they will be billed usually results in a 20-23 percent reduction in collections. 4. Review your credentialing to ensure its accuracy.

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